MV50 Series - Nutube power

MV50 Vox

The MV50 series represents a truly innovative approach to guitar Amplification. Weighs in at 500 grams but boasts a tremendous 50 watts of power and produces serious guitar tone that rivals the sound of your favourite tube amp. 

Vacuum tube sound powered by Nutube, all-analog preamp circuit preserves the richness and warmth of your guitar's natural sound, while an innovative Class D Power Amp provides enough volume for any environment. 

Check out Details of all MV50 models:     

MV50 AC Serves up the classic chime and distinctive crunch of a VOX AC30

MV50 Clean provides natural clean tones and plenty of headroom. 

MV50 Rock delivers more aggressive tones reminiscent of high gain British amplifiers. 

MV50 BQ Boutique distills the sound of legendary boutique amps coveted by pro guitarists covering the range from warm and clean to cutting overdrive that's ideal for expressive lead playing.

MV50 HG  High Gain gives you a versatile range, delivering edgy sounds with a boosted high and low end that are perfect for riffing or a thick lead sound.

Compact Speaker Cabs: Option to purchase with your MV50 

BC108 vox cab - delivers unprecedented flexibility & sound quality - 8" 8ohm speaker wth speaker cable 3.9 kg  260x200x285 mm   25Wrms  2 x input jack 

BC112  compact cab, semi-open-backed design with unique oval port to deliver tight low-frequency sound - Celestion V-type speaker delivers a well-balanced sound with rich mid-range chime 1 x 12" celestion V-type 12" 8 ohm, 2 x input jack max input : 70Wrms wth speaker cable 13.6 kg  520 x 260 x 445mm 

                                       Many more combinations possible - contact for advice -  confirm stock availability 

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