MG Rec & Play software application enables high-quality recording as well as fast and easy playback of songs and sound effects, by simply connecting your iPhone/iPad to any MG Series XU Model.

Audio recorder function allows you to record 2 tracks from the stereo bus on the MG Series XU models in high-quality WAV format.  The sampling rate can be selected from 44.1kHz, and 96 kHz depending on your requirements. The simple, user friendly interface is designed to allow visual monitoring of the recording settings and status, as well as providing users with instantaneous playback of tracks they've just laid down, which is particularly useful for sound sketching or song composition. ( maximum recording time depends on the available space on you iPhone/iPad)

Instant Playback Function Ideal for Live Events: features 9 separate banks with 8 titles that can each be assigned up to 8 songs or sound effects from your iPhone/iPad music Library.  This provides users with high quality playback of up to 72 songs/sound effects by simply touching the assigned tile image of each corresponding audio file. This instantaneous playback afforded by MG Rec & Play lends valuable flexibility to live performance applications requiring background music, triggered backing tracks, musical accompaniment, and parties or entertainment functions that require the use of sound effects.

Specs:   Free, compatible mixing consoles: MG20XU, MG16XU, MG12XU, MG10XU

Apple iOS devices - iPad Air, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iOS 7

Apple's Camera Connection Kit or a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, and USB cable are required to connect your iPhone or iPad to your MG Series consoles.