ADIO- Modeling Bass & Audio Bluetooth Portable Amp

Adio Air Bass

Though it is compact and lightweight, the Adio is equipped with a high-wattage power amp boasting 50W of stereo output. It delivers a startling sense of volume that outperforms other amps in its class. The 2 x 3”stereo speaker system makes for an incredible playing and listening experience. Because it is capable of such high-output, the Adio is equally effective as an at-home practice amp as it is a full-fledged performing amp.

  • Powerful Clear Sound with High fidelity of Home Audio Speakers.
  • Divided Cabinet Design - Inner box separates L & R into Independent spaces to produce Stereo 
  • Honeycomb-structure speaker frame -Efficiently maintains strength, and allows Clear - direct sound
  • Ported design enhances Low-frequency playback
  • Unique slanted design - allows speakers point diagonally upward -enjoy listening in Sweet Spot
  • Battery- Powered with eight hours of continuous operation - Lightweight 2.9 kg
  • Handle integrated with Cabinet - VET (Virtual Element Technology) modeling Circuit design.
  • DSP High performance - Distortion 
  • 11 Built-in Amp models -Tone Room Software Can be used to choose from a total of 23 types of Amps
  • Effects: chorus & tremolo (FX1) delay reverb and others (FX2)  
  • Use Tone Room software to choose from 19 types of effects
  • Via Bluetooth, via USB Tone room software enriches amp models and effects along with EQ 
  • Adio Air - supports Bluetooth MIDI, so you can control parameters wirelessly 
  • Bluetooth - AUX - Superb Speaker for Listening
  • Acoustage Virtual surround technology - turn on the function - enjoy a startlingly WIDE Stereo effect. 
  • ALSO _ Audio Equaliser - Noise reduction - Auto tuner supports dropped tunings
  • USB Audio Interface - connect to computer or tablet via USB - use Tone Room Software - or Record. 
  • JamVOX III modeling software is bundled with ADIO - Enjoy playing guitar on PC - GXT Function lets you cancel or extra/emphasize a specific part from existing song: Music Player function to play back a LOOP from a song that you're practicing- and change its tempo - Also Record and play back via software and still use DAW or guitar amp Simulator. 
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  • 5 kg
  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 1-3 days