Yamaha Tour Custom Drum Kit - Euro Kit with Hardware in stock ( Cymbals not included)

Tour Custom Drum kit Yamaha  All-Maple shells and beautiful satin lacquer finish.

A Legacy of the Absolute Series- combine Projection and expressive capability of all-maple shells with the Beautiful grain of US Maple inside and out.  

  • Yamaha Enhanced sustain System Y.E.S.S.  
  • Inverse Dyna Hoop

The Euro kit includes a 22 x 16" bass drum, 10x7" and 12x8" mounted toms, 16x15" floor tom

and a    14" x 6.5" Maple snare drum   and a set of 700 Series hardware.  

AVAILABLE STOCK - Candy Apple Satin 

** pictured with cymbals only - not included in price

Ask for shipping costs  -      Special Price is for Current Stock only 

NOTE :      Drum Kit -    4 drums    + Snare    + Hardware    

TC Drum Kit Shell pack or Kit Options


  • 22 kg
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