P-125 yamaha digital 88 key Piano

P125 ab Digital Piano ONLY

P125 Digital Portable Pianos  (piano only - Stand and pedals in Photo options Extras)

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88 GHS Graded hammer Action ( heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end- similar to acoustic piano) 

Pure CF Sound engine  - New 2 way speaker system  (a rich sound field as though you are sitting in front of an acoustic piano) 

Optimal "Table EQ" feature enables the player to maintain optimal acoustics even on a hard flat surface

Bass and drum beats - You can choose to have bass or not.

Smart Pianist App is compatible with P125 / P121 - Figure out chords to your Favourite songs, Smart Pianist app for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad helps you practice and perform songs by analysing the audio song stored in you IOS Device and the displays the chord symbols for you . 

Smart Pianist also allows you to have a visual control of the functions on your piano - from Voice / rhythm choice - Layer - dual - Balance of voices to Transposition.

Device_ you can also discover the chords in audio tracks in  your iPhone or iPad instantly.

Smart Functions......

P125   Length 1326mm Height of Piano Keyboard 166mm Depth 295mm 

Shorter Model Available  : P-121  73 Key Piano (1114mm length - Height of piano 166mm Depth 295mm) 

IN THE BOX:   Piano - Power adaptor - small portable box sustain pedal - music Rest  - Manual 

Optional Accessories listed below:       LP-1 Matching Pedal Unit $159                                                                      FC4A portable sustain pedal ( Piano like)  $70       FC3A piano like capable of Half Pedal $109



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P515 Digital Piano Back in Stock - Stand and pedals available

P515 Luxury Digital Piano only ( stand and pedals extra)

Elegant Design!   Modern stylish and elegant - with wooden accents and polished details the P-515 looks and sounds Fantastic. A Touch of class. 

88 NWX Natural Wood keys - Synthetic Ebony and ivory keytops, escapement

Display - Full dots LCD Touch options - Hard2, Hard1, Medium, Soft1, soft2

PIANO Sound - Yamaha CFX, Bosendorfer Imperial, CFX Binaural sampling 256 polyphony

40 voices + 18 Drum / SFX Kits + 480 XG Voices reverb and chorus options with Intelligent Acoustic control & Stereophonic Optimizer

Dual Layers - split - duo - metronome - Transpose - Rhythms 40 - Bluetooth Audio - USB Storage and connectivity

CONNECTIVITIY : Bluetooth audio, 2 stereo headphone jacks, mini aux in, aux out MONO or L + R, USB to device, USB to host, Sustain Pedal, Pedal Unit.

Speakers: 2 x ( 15w + 15w) Power Consumption: 15w Auto Power off function

Includes: Music Rest and FC4A Sustain Pedal

80 Minutes Song Recording time Format Recording / playback - Wav(44.1 kHz, 16bit stereo)

PRESET SONGS 21 Voice Demo songs + 50 classics

number of songs recording : 250 Data Capacity approx. 500KB Format SMF 0,1 recording only SMF Format 0

Simple operation using the Smart Pianist app!

Our "Smart Pianist"app allows you to control the many functions included in Yamaha digital pianos with your iOS device. Voices, rhythms and other settings can be selected right from the touch screen, making it even easier to get what you want from your P-515. You can also save your favorite settings for quick recall at any time. Smart Pianist can even access the songs in your iOS device's music library and create a chord chart for you, so you can play along with recordings of your personal favourite songs.

Optional Accessories:

L-515 Matching Stand $230 LP-1 Matching Pedal Unit $145

UD-WL01 USB Wireless LAN Adaptor $104

HPH Headphone series from HPH50 TO HPH150 ( $69 to )

Many APPS - Smart pianist app with Appropriate iPad, iPhone device - Gives you a Visual touch control of the controls on your piano along with Extra functions.

p515 b piano only


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Pedal Unit to suit P125, P121& P515 Digital Piano

LP-1 Pedal Unit to suit P125, P121 and P515 Digital Pianos

 Three Piano-style pedals for the same kind of functional sustain, sostenuto and soft control with Half-damper effect.  SPECIAL PRICE WHILST STOCK LASTS

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Yamaha Stands to Suite   P515    P125   P121

L515 Yamaha Digital Piano Stand for P515

L515  An Attractive Stand designed to match the elegance of the Luxury P515 - Easy to Access Stock - Please contact store

L-515 stand for P515 Piano
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L121 Yamaha Digital Piano Stand for P121

L121  An Attractive Stand designed for P121 -  available in Black or White - Easy to order stock in for Pickup or delivery 



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