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Percussion Ensemble Sheet Music from KT Percussion. Includes over 40 pages of free materials.

High School Percussion Groups

Are you looking for something to inspire your High School Percussion Group

Follow the link below to this page and you’ll find sheet music for percussion ensemble which is specifically designed for high school percussion ensemble, featuring both tuned and untuned percussion instruments.

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Junior School Music Percussion Groups

Music Teachers…

Have your students playing as an ensemble within minutes in your next music class!

Dear Friend,

I am writing to you as a music teacher who has seen it all – I have had music classes which have been an absolute disaster! I have taught music for fifteen years, and in that time I have had some experiences that I would rather forget! Through hard work and perseverance I have developed a few ideas that I have found work every single time, which means that music education for me is a wonderful and fun experience which I treasure.

I used to dread the night before certain classes – particularly in my junior and youngest age classes. I would be expected by my peers and my headmaster to provide a practical experience class for them – however I didn’t have the experience or the necessary materials provided to inspire them, and more than that I never had the time to create the materials that I knew were necessary.

The hardest bit about these classes was that there were some children in the class who could do anything you gave them – and others who couldn’t even keep a steady beat or read a note, so the challenge of finding music that would inspire everyone and lead to a successful, positive outcome was very challenging!


It was at this stage, out of sheer desperation that I wrote several of the pieces in the KT Percussion Catalogue, which I am pleased to be able to introduce to you today.    Check out Ensembles available: 

Drumming Ensembles

Isomorphic Sound System

A simple and fun piece for percussion in a dance style - your students will enjoy rehearsing and performing this piece, and you’ll be able to create a bit of intrigue with what the title means!

Summon the Spirits

Transform your Drum Ensemble into a Japanese Taiko experience - a fantastic introduction to drumming in an ensemble – for drummers of any age this piece is a sure fire hit!

And the Mountains Rising

A Drumming Showcase for Percussion - This is a showcase for Senior Percussion which will have the audience enthralled!

Tribal Beat Sound System

Have Performing Arts work together on this exciting project - Inspire young artists with this drumming techno trance project which is ideal to accompany a dance troupe – excellent for a showcase item!

Drum Corps

Are you looking for a simple solution for a beginner Drum Corps?

Simple and Fun cadences for outdoor or stage performances

Beat That Drum

Mambo Jambo

Two Short Cadences which can be played together

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Beat that Drum

Mambo Jambo

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Drum Fire (parts 1 & 2)

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