YDP163 Digital piano

YDP163 88 Weighted Digital Piano includes Bench

The best digital piano is one that can grow with a musician as they progress. When a pianist's skill level rises, they require a keyboard action built for more serious playing. The Arius YDP-163 features Graded Hammer 3 keyboard action with three sensors and synthetic ivory keytops, giving the performer a tactile surface with a response reminiscent of some of the finest pianos throughout history. The Pure CF Engine on the YDP-163 more expressively delivers the Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano tone for the more experienced player with a more powerful 20W stereo amplifier. With 192 note polyphony, many of the most complex piano compositions can be played without any dropped notes, and the sustained notes ring through faithfully. The YDP-163 has all of the conveniences of an electric piano without sacrificing the performance of an acoustic piano.

  1. 88 note, GH3 (Heavy feel in the lower register to a lighter touching the upper octaves. It also features a 3 sensor configuration, which accurately senses and interprets the behaviour of the keyboard in order to provide a grand piano-style response and feel. This allows for quick note repetition and authentic expressive control. The piano keyboard with synthetic ivory key tops provide a tactile surface to the white keys, absorbing moisture from the fingers and preventing them from slipping. Touch Response choices: hard - medium - soft - fixed
  2. 3 pedals including Half pedal, damper, Sostenuto, Soft. 
  3. 42Kg  Width 136cm Height 85cm Depth 42.cm 
  4. Sliding Key cover, Music Rest, 192 polyphony. 10 voices, 4 reverb types, Intelligent Acoustic Control IAC.   
  5. 10 Demo songs, 50 preset Songs, Recording songs option: 1 song 2 tracks 
  6. Dual, duo, metronome, tempo 5 - 280, transpose -6 to +6 
  7. 2 x Headphone Standard Stereo Phone Jacks and USB to Host
  8. 2 x 20w Amplifiers - Oval (12cm x 6cm) x 2
  9. Power supply provided - includes Book 50 Greats for the Piano , owners Manual and Quick Guide. Matching Bench. 
  10. Optional Accessories:  Headphones, UD-BT01 Bluetooth wireless Midi Adaptor. Some Apps to test( Digital Piano Controller, My Music Recorder, NoteStar, Visual Performer, Piano Diary, ChordTracker


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