The powerful tone of the acclaimed CFX Key-off Samples reproduce the slight change in sound at the instant you remove your fingers from the keys. What’s more, different key-off sounds are produced for staccato and legato playing.

String Resonance -When the hammer of a grand piano strikes its string, the other strings will also resonate -reproduce this effect using String Resonance feature.

Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) 88-key piano keyboard provides a heavier touch in the low end - lighter touch in the high end,  similar to the acoustic piano.

Newly designed speakers can deliver a very powerful sound from low to high notes, which is closer to a real acoustic piano. 

Stereophonic Optimizer—a new kind of headphone experience

When using headphones, the Stereophonic Optimizer lets players enjoy the dispersed sound heard when sitting in front of an acoustic piano. With the Stereophonic Optimizer, Voices sampled from acoustic pianos appear to come from the body of the instrument. This provides a comfortable, natural experience that removes the drawbacks of performing with headphones.

Acoustic Optimizer

The speakers attached to the body exhibit a phenomenon in which, if nothing is done, the volume of the sound will increase due to the resonant frequency of the body. Conversely, installing pipes with the same resonant frequency within the body suppresses this resonance. Acoustic optimizers utilize this phenomenon.This improvement of the sound is something that has only been possible thanks to Yamaha‘s thorough knowledge of the internal acoustic characteristics of musical instruments.

For comfortable practice at home Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC)

At low volumes, bass and treble used to be difficult to hear; however, YDP-S34 is equipped with Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC), which adjusts the sound automatically, allowing players to enjoy balanced sound at any volume level

Optional Extras:          Headphones From $40 available    Matching Yamaha Bench  $149    Budget Bench from $89         Adjustable bench from$145

YDPS34 Electronic Piano Slim
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YDPS52 ( Black Walnut or White)


88-key Graded Hammer (GH) Action with Synthetic Ivory key tops, 10 voices, 192-note polyphony, 50 piano songs, Pure CF Sound Engine, 4 types of reverb, Damper resonance, Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC), Acoustic Optimizer, Half-pedal control, USB to HOST connection, Stereophonic Optimizer, soft close lid, 20Wx2 amplifier and intuitive control via the Digital Piano Controller app (iOS).        

Optional Extras:          Headphones From $25 available    Matching Yamaha Bench  $149    Budget Bench from $89 

YDPS52 Electronic Piano
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