PSREW410 76 Key Arranger Keyboard

PSREW410 76 Note Arranger Keyboard

PSRE-EW410   76 Key Arranger Pro Style Keyboard - Just like the Popular PSRE463 But with more keys. 

If you thought you needed professional-level skills or abilities to enjoy making music like a pro, think again!

With the new PSR-EW410, all you need to turn your ideas into music is inspiration.

Quick Sampling -Capture sounds using the AUX Input and play them back from the keyboard. Easy-to-operate Quick Sampling via AUX-In terminal so that you can play your favorite external sounds!

235 auto Accompaniment Styles, including 10 new local Styles and 5 contemporary Styles inherited from Genos, provide real-time band backing tracks based on the chords you play.

Intuitive “Live Control Knob” interface     Change sounds on-the-fly by switching the effect destination!

Two assignable, real-time control knobs let you filter and adjust your sound just like an analog synthesizer.

10 DSP effects can be assigned and controlled by the knobs for dynamic and expressive live performance.

The Pitch Bend wheel adjusts the pitch of the sound bringing voices like the Guitar, Sax and Trumpet to life.

"Target" button supports quick target change of effect destination

USB TO DEVICE Terminal:   You can record your performances to USB Flash Drives. The USB TO DEVICE terminal on the instrument lets you load and save your settings and songs to a USB flash drive, as well as transfer data from your PC.

Extended 76-key keyboard

  • 12W + 12W more powerful amplifier - 12cm Speakers x 2
  • Resonant Live! Grand Piano voice
  • 80 minutes recording time per song
  • 10 songs to record on  - 6 tracks ( 5 plus 1 style) 
  • Headphones
  • 11w power when using adapter 
  • USB Flash drive
  • Aux IN stereo mini 
  •  Output - L/L+R, R 
  • 8.4 kg       W 117.9cm       H  13.8 cm      D  41.3 cm   
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  • 11 kg
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