Featuring a longer scale length, advanced Variax® HD technology and an assertive body shape, the Shuriken guitar is a result of intense collaboration between Line 6, Yamaha Guitar Development, and guitarist Steve “Stevic” MacKay of Twelve Foot Ninja. Designed for heavier or more technical styles of music, Variax Shuriken delivers exceptional playability, clear and tight tone plus versatility.


Heavier, deeper and more precise tones.

If you like to perform with heavier strings and lower tunings, Variax Shuriken features a 27” scale length that delivers optimized playability and punchier, more-precise tones. The extended scale length also works in conjunction with Variax alternative tunings—so you can play in any tuning, regardless of the tension and feel of the strings. With Variax Shuriken, you can go far beyond the range of any standard 6, 7 or even 8 string guitar.


Custom models and tuning presets.

Like all guitars in the Variax family, Variax Shuriken gives guitarists instant access to a wide range of guitar models and alternate tunings via Variax HD modeling technology. Instrument models and alternate tunings can be accessed with a simple twist of a knob. Variax Shuriken also features custom guitar model and tuning presets created by Stevic MacKay.


Take your tone even further.  Variax Shuriken can be incorporated into any guitar rig, but is uniquely optimized for use with Line 6 modelers and multi-effects, including the Helix™, POD® HD and Firehawk® families. Create special presets that allow you to change amp, effect, and guitar models, as well as guitar tunings, all on the fly with the touch of a switch.

Shuriken SR270
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Variax Standard

Line 6 and Yamaha joined forces to introduce Variax Standard - a player-friendly guitar that delivers more tone and versatility than any other instrument in its price range. Instantly access a large collection of vintage electrics, classic acoustics and more. Access 11 alternate tunings on the fly. Create any guitar imaginable with Variax Workbench HD software, which allows you to select from 16 different pickup types. Whether you’re recording in the studio or loading up the trusty tour van, Variax Standard will redefine what you expect from your guitar. Variax Standard features an Alder body, Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard and three custom-wound single-coil Alnico V pickups and a fully adjustable tremolo bridge.

LINE 6 VARIAX Pacifica
$1,899.00 1