NU-X Digital Drum Kits

NU-X DM1 Portable Digital Drum Kit

Carefully selected 20 drum kit variations and offer the ability to complement those kits with a proprietary “One-Knob” effects processing which offers players infinite possibilities and helps fuel the creative process. In addition, we’ve added a built-in coach function to help players maintain or improve their overall skill level as well as a record function to retain great ideas and review their own playing style.

The NU-X DM1 represents a fun, wide range package for any skill level.


  • 3 x Toms                                                       1 x Snare - Dual Zone
  • 1 x Hi-hat - Triple Zone                                 1 x Crash Cymbal - Triple Zone
  • 1 x Crash/Ride Cymbal - Triple Zone            Stylish, Sturdy & Adjustable Metal Rack
  • 3 different effects: Drive, Compress & Wet.     
  • 20 Precisely Sampled Studio Kits                  Built-in Play Along Songs & Metronome
  • Drum Coach & Recording Function
  • Bass Drum & Hi-Hat Pedal Triggers both with Velcro bottom strips to stop slipping on carpeted surfaces
  • Click: To edit tempo, rhythm, speed and volume of Metronome
  • MIDI function: USB-MIDI
  • Interface: 3.5mm earphone plug, DC-in Plug, USB- MIDI, SD card, AUX in, 6.35mm output
  • Power Source: DC-9V Negative tip
  • Includes 1 x set of Drumsticks - 


NU-X DM1 Portable Digital Drum Kit
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