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SPIDER CLASSIC 15W Special Price clearance

15-watt mono 1 x 8" modelling combo amp with exceptional amp models and classic tones. Features Line 6 effects including reverbs, delays, mods and more. Easy to use so you can spend less time tweaking and more time playing.

Featuring Classic guitar amp sounds from clean to highGain.  Six smart FX - create, save and recall 4 complete amp settings with the push of a button. Bass mid and treble knobs for EQ.  DRIVE Knob, channel volume, Master volume. 

High-quality output for direct recording.  built in tuner - 


Both FBV Pedals provide Hands-free control.  FBV2  FBV Express MKII

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Spider IV 30 watt - Demo Stock - one only

From bedroom setups to stage rigs, the Spider family features models perfect for every guitarist.  For the ultimate practice amp,Spider IV 30 deliver powerful performance in a compact package. When you're ready to take your playing to the big stage, Spider IV 75 and Spider IV 120 deliver all the power you need to rock harder than ever.  Choose from an exceptional collection of celebrated guitar amp models, spark your creativity with inspiring effects and ham with incredible guitar tones dialled in by some of the world's most famous player.  It's wonder that more than a million guitarists worldwide rely on Spider amps for pure tonal inspiration.  - SPECIAL PRICE ON OLDER STOCK PLEASE ASK 120W SPIDER IV Models

spider IV 30W
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